Next Level Glute Ham Developer
Glute Ham Raise Machine
Lightweight GHD Machine Lightweight GHD

Maximize Your Gym Space

SpeedBot's GHD weighs less than 45 lbs, is easy to move and doesn’t take up valuable gym space.

Effective GHD Machine Effective GHD

Isolate the Hamstrings

SpeedBot's patent pending design will target and isolate your hamstrings better than any other GHD.

Affordable GHD Machine Affordable GHD

Get More for Your Money

Effective equipment doesn't have to break the bank. With SpeedBot's GHD Machine, you'll save hundreds of dollars.

Glute Ham Developer Features

Glute Ham Developer Features


How To Maximize Your Training Results
How To Maximize Your Training Results
What's in the Ebook?

Hamstring training unveiled. That’s what this ebook is all about. Our ebook will guide you through research, hamstring exercises and glute ham raise variations to help you DRAMATICALLY improve your training results.

  • New hamstring exercise variations guaranteed to build durable and explosive hamstrings
  • Exclusive access to glute ham raise training videos + ADVANCED exercise variations
  • Condensed research information from over 50+ hamstring studies
  • and much more...
SpeedBot Hamstring Exercises Ebook

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SpeedBot's patent-pending GHD is the most effective piece of hamstring training equipment on the market. PAY LESS AND GET MORE out of your hamstring exercises with SpeedBot's portable glute ham machine.

  • Avoid hamstring strains before they happen. SpeedBot's GHD is guaranteed to help you develop stronger and more explosive hamstring muscles.
  • Don't waste time with less effective hamstring exercises. SpeedBot's patent pending design maximizes results quickly!
  • Available for $449.99 $399.99 (vs. $700-$2,000 for other glute ham machines).
  • Portable glute ham developer - weighs less than 45 lbs.
  • Easy to store & won't consume valuable space.

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